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The sheer scale of the Dunoon Project development means that it is a long term initiative. It will take several years to get the main parts up and running. It is anticipated that development will happen across a series of phases and that the Dunoon Project will be well established by phase 3 i.e. from 2025-2030.

However, the wheels are already in motion. Project partner Action Argyll are already building new mountain and gravel biking tracks on and around the site and are working with Developing Mountain Biking Scotland and other partners to bring national and international biking events to the area.

The Dunoon & Kilbride Hill Project Masterplan, a detailed document outlining short, medium and long term objectives for the Dunoon Project, will be submitted to the first stage of Argyll and Bute Council’s planning process in 2023. Subject to that process, the Project team anticipate that work on parts of the site will start during 2023-25.