Who owns Dunoon Project?
No one person or organisation owns the Dunoon Project. It has a range of different owners including Dunoon Project Ltd (a community charity) and a range of private sector partners.


What is the difference between the Dunoon Project and The Dunoon Project Ltd?
The Dunoon Project is the name of the overarching initiative. Dunoon Project Ltd is the community charity which started the Project and which represents community interests in it.


When will Dunoon Project be up and running?
The Dunoon Project is a multi-million pound large scale initiative, which will evolve and grow over many years. Activities will start as funding is secured, but development of the biking trails has already been started by Project partner Action Argyll.


How is the Project being funded?
Through a mix of public and private funding. The Dunoon Project has been supported in the early stages thanks to generous private donations, and public grants from Highlands and Islands Enterprise, and from UK Government Community Renewal Fund and Community Led Local Development Funds, via Argyll and Bute Council. Activities on the site will generate income, to sustain the Dunoon Project, as well as generating surpluses to support community benefit funds.


Who owns the land the Project site is on?
A mix of private, public and community ownership including Dunoon Project Ltd.


How much impact will the Project have on the land and the natural environment?
The Dunoon Project would not be possible without the high quality of the area’s natural environment and it is one of the Project’s top priorities to protect and enhance that environment through “planet friendly” sustainable development approaches.


What benefits will the Project bring to the local community?
The Dunoon Project offers the potential for long term economic revitalisation of the town and the surrounding areas. An increase in visitor numbers will support business development opportunities and job creation.


Who is making a profit from the Project?
The scale of the project means that it requires private investment. Investors in the Dunoon Project will seek a return on their investment, and a proportion of profits will be allocated to the community via the Project charity Dunoon Project Ltd.


How much of those profits will the charity Dunoon Project Ltd and the local community get?
DPL will establish and oversee the distribution of a Dunoon Project community benefit fund, according to Good Practice Principles as set out by the Scottish Government. Sums will depend on Dunoon Project profit levels.


There has been a long-running issue with ferries to and from Dunoon, how will the ferries cope if lots and lots of new visitors start to arrive?
Public transport is beyond the scope of the DP but we anticipate that transport providers will respond to the opportunities presented by the Project.


What’s the situation with visitor accommodation? Where will people stay who come for more than a day trip?
The Dunoon Project expects to see an increase in accommodation on the Project site and elsewhere (as outlined in the Masterplan). The Project anticipates that accommodation providers will respond to the opportunities presented by the Project.


How can I get involved with the Project?
There are a number of ways to get involved, click here to find out more.


To what extent will existing activities on the Project’s proposed site be disrupted?
As the Project evolves it is inevitable that some disruption will happen during build periods, but the overall plan is to enhance activities in the area.


How will the Dunoon Project minimise disruption to local residents?
DP are committed to extensive community consultation and all activities will follow best practice in the statutory planning process.