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The ultimate vision is that the Dunoon Project will create hope, optimism and energy for the local community, and breathe life back into the town and the wider Cowal community. The ambition is that everyone in the local area will benefit as Dunoon Project evolves.

The Project is fully signed up to the “build it and they will come” school of thinking. By establishing a hub for world-class outdoor activities in Dunoon, using an innovative multi-partner business model, Dunoon Project will stimulate wider local economic growth, and revitalise an area which has faced so many challenges in recent times.

It is expected that the Dunoon Project site itself will be a magnet for thousands and thousands of visitors. As a result, the local economy will flourish, and opportunities for all sorts of new businesses and initiatives will emerge. Benefits will come to the area in the form of job creation, improved wellbeing, increased prosperity and physical regeneration of the town itself.

A vital element of the vision is the land and environment. All of the Dunoon Project’s plans consider environmental impact carefully, and demonstrate a full commitment to being planet positive. Indeed, DPL’s charitable objects prevent it from acting in any way which is inconsistent with sustainable development.

The local community remains central to the vision. DPL was constituted specially to provide community ownership, and its charitable status ensures that this commitment remains “locked in”. It will continue to operate at the very heart of Dunoon Project as it evolves. As a community-based organisation, governed by a board of local people, DPL will act on behalf of the Cowal community in land and commercial negotiations. In due course, as the Dunoon Project starts to generate income, DPL will establish and oversee a charitable distribution process for local good causes.